Posting Via Ulysses with the MacBook Air M1

Beautiful Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend 2022, coming to you live from Arlington, Texas. Heading down to see the rest of the Texas Worths at my parents’ lake house, minus my own 2 “kids” (one just graduated from college a few weeks ago, the other with one year to go). Looking like a perfect, 96 degree sunny day, the sunscreen beckons.

Enjoy the break, America, if you are fortunate enough to have it. We’ve all got a lot on our minds, weighing on our souls, but there is no better time than this to hug the ones you’re with.

This WordPress integration with Ulysses is ridiculously intuitive. As is Markdown. Wanted to do a postscript in Italics after clicking the icon to Publish, to pull back and type these words before actually publishing, and rather than look up how to do it, I just hit the clover key on the MacBook and i for Italics. Yup, that was it.