I write stuff, and also take pictures along with some video here and there. The most important thing to me, my family, is not what I write about per se; however, their existences infuse all that I do with a magic that only I perceive. My hope is that the readers of what I write can find something in it which is appealing to them personally, that somehow a commonality of my and your experiences can lead to some kind of comradery between us. Maybe I’ve come across or noticed something you haven’t, or considered an angle or perspective that adds something to the conversation. And if I have done so, it is likely because I stumbled onto something someone else wrote or talked about or filmed, something that I was interested enough in to read or listen or watch, because something about me recognized and identified with something about that person’s idea or story enough to cause me to further consider it and either agree, disagree, dissect, or expand upon what he or she put out there in the first place (which, of course, was likely similarly inspired by a still earlier link in the chain).

The point is, I believe we are all part of a continuous, yet branching, chain of existence, each serving as a link between what came before and what comes after. In other words, we are all somewhere in the middle. And although we cannot choose what came before us, we can certainly do our part to try to make what comes after us is a little bit more useful than what we started with.

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