Typing in Ulysses Markdown: iPad Pro M1 vs MacBook Air M1

Incredibly solid keyboard straight out of an old gear storage bin in the closet, no trackpad. I do like this keyboard experience better the MacBook Air, actually – UNEXPECTED!!!


Doesn’t seem as big onscreen on the iPad Pro as it does on the laptop, I think I like the look on the laptop more.

Also very unexpected!!!

Sitting down to type on the iPad. Love the springy bounce of the keys with the OLD standalone Magic Keyboard (not to be confused with the new Magic Keyboard case built for iPad); no wires, no physically tethered connection of any kind. Heels of my hands resting on the table, while the virtually flat keyboard seems almost a part of the wood upon which it sits; no cold aluminum laptop keyboard deck with a giant trackpad with which to contend. Very comfortable.

Wish the cursor in Ulysses on the iPad was located in the middle of the screen as it is on the Mac version, rather than the bottom of the screen. Surely that’s something I could change, right?

DUDE!! Enabled Typewriter mode in the iPad version and set Fixed Scrolling to Center. We’re doing it!!! (I’m no Ulysses savant, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love it, does it?)

Love the double hashtags for large font in Markdown

Which gets even bigger with single hashtag

triple hashtags result in slightly large and bold compared to normal

Then back to normal.

Display on the MacBook Air is plenty good enough, if not quite as good as the iPad Pro. And the deck of the MBA is so large that it is totally fine for resting my hands on it as I type. I’ve never had a false trackpad touch register, so no issues there.

Every experiment, be it an old SurfaceBook 2, an old iPad Pro 10.5, a new Surface Pro 8 or a new iPad Pro M1, leads to the realization that the new (to me) MBA M1 is totally fine. It’s really all I need, in the final analysis…however, as we all know, left brain “analysis” is only part of the equation. I’m still not convinced that the iPad magic fairy dust, which activates pesky intangible factors such as “feeling” and ”state of mind” and “freedom” and ”new and different” and other blue sky vibes, won’t ultimately win out against all logic. Would not be surprised in the LEAST if that’s how this plays out. But all things considered, in terms of what I intend to do with the machine, the MacBook Air M1 does a little more stuff, a little more like I’m used to doing it, a little nicer than my old devices, a LOT faster and for a LOT longer between charges, all while leaving a little more money in my pocket. The saga continues.

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