Consider the iPad Pro 14.9

Builder of games, maker of apps, and hacker of things Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted a thought into existence outside of his own mind on Halloween, but I just came across it via 9to5mac today:


There’s a nice thread there, and it makes perfect sense. Just as the Air laptops came in 11 and 13-inch varieties and the Pros came in 13 and 15-inch, I believe that size specific delineation is the right one for the iPad lines as well. 11 inches is portable as hell, and I certainly do not begrudge those who rely on iPad Pros for their professions and either want or need a smaller size. For my money though, if there were to be just two sizes of Pro, 13 and 15 (or 12.9 and 14.9, whatever) seems right. The extra inches for photo, video, coding, going over blueprints or other digital designs with clients, and all other manner of creating, would be so in demand that even Apple must be aware and working towards that eventuality. If one size had to be dropped, I suspect it would be the 11-inch Pro, leaving us with a 13 and a 15-inch Pro, along with consumer sizes of 11 and something smaller. [I refuse to call it Mini; the word “Mini” is insulting to me, whether applied to iPads or the newest Macs, because that word connotes some lesser form of a thing. These devices are full-fledged, consummately capable machines, and naming them “Mini” is as ridiculous as calling something with nothing more than a larger screen size “Max.” Unless you are someone other than Apple, which, if Apple isn’t careful, is in danger of becoming.]

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